Thursday, August 6, 2009

Old MacDonald Zoo Style

Lately Lyla has been enjoying her Baby Einstein video 'Old MacDonald - A day at the farm'. Both Ryan and I are huge fans of the Baby Einstein video collection. This video alone has added at least 10 words to Lyla's vocabulary. We love them because she is learning from them and she loves the puppets that act in these videos. She will scream and run on the spot when the Cow comes on and rings the triangle, she giggles and smiles in anticipation when the horse is going to snatch up the flower and eat it. I would highly recommend these videos for your children as they are a crowd pleaser for both parents and kiddies.
Lyla's favorite character is the cow. Nana and Papa bought Lyla a stuffed cow when Lyla was very young when she enjoyed the black and white contrasts. Now, she just loves the cow because of these videos and as well because of her barnyard decorations in her room. So, this morning she woke up and started talking to me about her cow. I had already decided that we were going to go to the zoo this morning. So we went down and found her toy cow and then put on her video and had breakfast. After we packed up the car and headed off to the zoo to see the cow in person.
This zoo visit was the best yet. We spent about 3o minutes in the barn (a word she learned from the video), looking at the pig, chickens and cows (all words she can say). She walked around the barn pointed and talked to me about these animals. We had a great time. When we had to leave we had a little girl who was very upset - because she didn't want to get back in the stroller, she loves to walk. Here are some pictures from our farm adventure at the zoo today.

Here she is posing at the fence.

Pointing at the 'cow'.Outside the pig pen. Getting a closer look at the cow...Calling to the 'COW'

Until we return to the zoo we will continue to watch our Baby Einstein videos.. but hopefully we will be back to see the animals again.
She did enjoy all the animals that we saw today - wolverine, chimpanzees, gorillas, monkey and loins. She would get excited and try to make a noise like an animal would. When she saw the pigs she snorted! And of course let out a good MOO when she saw her beloved cow.

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Gramma and Grampa said...

Sounds like Lyla had a great time. She is learning so fast. Your little girl is growing up.Next time we see her, she'll be talking in sentences. Pretty soon Daddy won't be able to get a word in.