Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lyla's 1st Playdate visitors

About a year ago, while out on a walk in our subdivision, we ran into a lady with twins. It seemed that our schedules were very similar as we ended up running into each other many times through out the summer and the fall. Fast forward to this summer, Lyla and I again ran into Jennifer and her twins Charolette and Jack. We caught up quickly and decided that we needed to have play date.

Last month, Lyla and I went to their home for a lunch/ play date and this month it was our turn to have them over. Both Lyla and I were very excited about this event. Yesterday we went grocery shopping in preparation for the event. We bought yummy buns and meats and cheeses, veggies for salad, hummus and chips and muffins and cake. We were set to have a great lunch for our friends. When the kids got here Lyla was so excited. I was telling her that her friends were coming over. She saw them coming to the door and ran to the play room and screamed and screamed. Then she came running back, like saying "Come on guys - lets play!". The quickly started to play together giggling and screaming along the way. The biggest hits were Lyla's Seasame Street book set and of course her 'house'. It is interesting to see the kids play together. The twins are so use to having each other to play with and Lyla is use to playing with herself. At times Lyla would play independent and the twins would play together. They loved getting into the house together and throwing the balls out. The loved emptying out Lyla's bins of toys. I didn't get a picture of them playing as they were moving around so quickly but I did get a picture of the kids all having lunch together.

They were so cute at lunch they were giggling and shaking their heads from side to side joking around together.
After they left this is the way that the playroom looked. I think that if you can say that the play date was a success.

And here are Lyla's bins all emptied out!

Lyla and I are so glad that Jack and Charolette came over to play. We are looking forward to playing again soon!

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Gramma and Grampa said...

It looks like the kids had a great time. Did the Mums have time to talk?

Love Gramma and Grampa