Wednesday, August 5, 2009


About 2 months ago Lyla discovered the toilet. It all started with her giggling the flusher, then it wasn't long until she figured out how to flush the toilet. We have always kept the toilet seat closed because of reasons of hygiene but now it is even more important. This weekend we had visitors at the house and after they left Lyla and I went upstairs and she wondered into the bathroom with her beach ball and I look over after closing the gate and she is hovering over an open toilet seat with a look of joy on her face. This look of joy is because about a month ago she figured out how to open the toilet seat. And since then she has cleaned the toilet with one of her tooth brushes and she has thrown a toy in it. So now our bathroom doors are kept shut. Whenever the door is left open by accident or we are in the bathroom, Lyla runs to the toilet and this is the face that we see. It makes me laugh because she knows that she shouldn't be near the toilet. Another thing that makes me laugh is how she runs for the toilet at high pace whenever she can. I hear these little feet run and then she bangs on it like a drum. And then usually I yell at her to get away from the toilet and the little feet run away with giggles. Such a funny time - but I am considering toilet locks as if something large goes into the toilet a large plumbing bill will follow.

Anyways, sorry for the long talk about 'the john' but the picture says it all.

On another note - Aunt Pam - this is one of the dresses you gave us from Jillian that still had tags on it - and it looks great. Thanks! :)

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The Rebelo Family said...

I thought - in just reading the headline at first - that you were going to say how she was already potty trained... :)