Thursday, September 10, 2009

Go Team Go!

Last Friday we went to our local high school's first home football game. Coming from the great white north, neither Ryan or I had experienced high school sports like this. This is a community event, a social event and a great time for everyone - even a young family with a toddler. Lyla and I went for the music and Ryan went for the sports. There is something for everyone at these events.
Here is Lyla when we arrived at the gates. You can see the excitement in her eyes. We decided to stay outside the gates as there would be no way that Lyla would sit still in the stands. She is a on the go kinda girl. It worked out great. She was able to walk or dance around as she pleased and we didn't bother anyone who was there to watch the game.

Here is Lyla watching the team run out to the field and listening to the band playing their song... it stopped her mid-sentence...
but not for long as she started to say 'Go! Go!' as she could hear the audience cheering 'Go team Go!' She also was very taken by the band's hat as she was talking about their hats to us.

We spent a lot of time walking around. Here is Lyla and her Daddy walking outside the gates. She is smiling at the crowd as they came in, saying hi to people and watching the cars go by.
She was a great greeter... If you can click on the photo - check out Lyla's smile.. priceless!

One of Lyla's highlights was the ambulance or 'truck' in Lyla lingo. She got right down and had a good look at it, pointed at it and talked about it a lot.

Here is Mama and Lyla having a dance..

and another dance...

Our goal was to make it to half time so we could hear the band play. We almost made it but there were flags and time outs and all that jazz so we ended up leaving before the band played as Lyla was done. Maybe next time. All in all, we had a great time at our high school football game. It is a great American tradition - one that we are hoping to enjoy next time the team plays at home.

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pam said...

I do love that smile!

See if you can find a larger cup for the poor girl.