Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Meet Sandy. This is the horse that sits at our local Meijer who entertains children of all ages. You can ride this horse for 1 cent. Where else in the world can you get a ride for 1 penny? This is truly a find!

A couple of weeks ago Lyla was introduced to Sandy and she was so thrilled to finally get a ride on it. I didn't get very good pictures as I had to hold on to Lyla, even though she thought she was a big girl and didn't need to be helped on her 'horse'.

Last week I didn't have a penny, so I just let Lyla sit on it without the motion. This week I was sure to have a penny but Lyla didn't want to go for the ride. Instead she talked to the lady who was sitting on the bench beside Sandy.
We look forward to many rides with our friend Sandy!

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