Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A September day on the Farm

About 3 weeks ago, Lyla and I made an impromptu trip to Nana's and Papa's house. Both Lyla and I really enjoyed our visit because we hadn't seen Nana and Papa since June and we had not seen my sister and her kids since Lyla's Birthday party in May. Lyla loved to be home as she got to see some farm animals which is one of her favorite things in Lyla's whole world.

Cousin Jillian and Lyla made a date to go to a local vegetable farm that has farm animals that the kids could get close to and pet. This was a huge hit for Lyla. Jillian was not to impressed with the smell that these animals produced, but still enjoyed seeing them. This farm also had outdoor activities that the kids could play on. Jillian enjoyed trying all the different activities while Lyla was just content playing in the largest sandbox in the world.

Here are some pictures from the girls adventure to the farm..

Lyla is obsessed with pigs, cows, neigh-neighs, baa-baas, and chickens right now. And all of these animals were at the farm for her to enjoy. The pigs were asleep when we got there but it wasn't long until they were awake. That was the other great thing, going on a weekday allowed us to be the only people in the barn which made it great for the girls to see whatever they wanted. Here are the two little farmers and the most popular animal of all - this little orange kitty. And this kitty was so nice and friendly for the girls to see....

and to touch and pet...

When we left the barn area Lyla was calling for the kitty. The kitty ended up following us for a bit which didn't help Lyla forget the kitty.

We headed over to an area that had slides and at the end there was a lot of straw. Here is Lyla sitting and playing in the straw..

Now both girls playing in the straw..

Lyla's favorite spot, next to the barn with kitty, was the sand box. She sat in this sand box for at least a half an hour as Jillian ran around and tried out all of the other attractions. Lyla was happier than a lark here in this sand box. Jillian wasn't too keen on the sand as it kept getting in her shoe, but there was lots of other things for her to do.

Can you see Lyla? I told you it was the biggest sandbox in the world!
Here is Jillian going for a ride on a horsey!
We ended the day by picking up some freshly baked cranberry-raisin bread. It was still slightly warm and so delightful. The four of us ate a whole loaf as we drove into town to do some shopping.
I am going home in about a month, and Pam and I and Jillian and Lyla have already made a date to go back to the farm. We can't wait!

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