Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh Deer!

Yesterday on my way to work at approximately 6:45 in the morning I had a little miss hap with a deer. In that the deer decided to run in front of my car and I hit it. Luckily I am fine. So basically the deer came out of no where. But the odd thing was that I thought about hitting a deer right before I hit the deer. Maybe I am psychic or something.

As you can see from the pictures the deer came out from the right side of the road and hit me on the passenger side of the car. I think I was driving about 40 to 45 miles an hour and I hit the brakes. You could see on the roadway my skid marks, and they were completely straight, so I didn't swerve which is a good thing or I would have been in the ditch.

Unfortunately the impact did not kill the deer. Rather it ended up in the ditch on the opposite side of the road and it was rolling around trying to get up. It ended up going over the ditch so at least I couldn't see it.

I called work and started to cry hysterically. I guess it was the shock of hitting something. Then I called 911 for the police to come out. And then I tried calling Ryan who was still asleep and didn't hear the phone. The police showed up around 30 minutes later . He had to shoot the deer as it was injured but not dead. He came back and told me that it was a really big buck and that I was lucky not to be hurt. Then we checked out the car and decided that I could be able to make it to work. An hour later than normal, I punched into work ... What a start to the day that was! Then everyone from work wanted to know if I had gotten the deer for meat, and NO I didn't.

I have to admit that this was pretty traumatic event. I keep seeing the deer right in front of my face or seeing it in the ditch injured. I am glad that I was alone without Lyla with me. And I was definitely being watched over by angels as I came out unscratched, as I heard so many horror stories from deer collisions.

Here are some pictures of our car...From my work on the 8th floor it looked just like a deer body outline on the hood of the car... I can see it, can you?

Gone is my light, and I could reach right in to the side there and pull out pieces of the car that were no longer attached. They are now in the back seat of my car...
This one is a little hard to see, but just below the wiper blade start point there were scratches on the hood from the antlers. Too close to comfort - they were right in front of my face, almost through the windshield.

A picture from the other side, the dent in the hood from the impact..

Our car is already in the shop for work and we have a rental car. I hope none of you ever hit a deer...

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The Rebelo Family said...

Yikes, glad to hear you're okay... that can be very dangerous.