Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas and Grandma and Grandpas

On Christmas Day we hopped in the car and made took the trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was raining - yuck and Lyla has been potty training and needed to use the facilities and everywhere we stopped was closed :( The poor little girl held it from Mississauga to Pickering. Anyways, enough potty talk. The hope was to get to G and G's house in time for Lyla to take her afternoon nap, rather than trying to get her to sleep on the way, which she didn't. Well she didn't nap when we got there. I think it was too exciting, all the people and a new place to explore. So, she came out to the party. Here she is sitting on the window bench checking out Santa and is Reindeer. Now you will see a theme in the pictures from G and G's house. Oscar the cat. He was the hit of the trip. Lyla called him 'My kitty cat'. She loved to play with him. It is a good thing he is deaf as she sure did squeal with excitement when playing with him.

Nana bought Lyla her own Nativity set this year and we have been teaching Lyla about Jesus and that it is his birthday. Here she is checking out Grandma's nativity set and saying 'Happy Birthday Baby Jesus'.

This is one of the only pictures of Lyla and I on our Christmas break.

Sorry Grandpa, I had to post it. Here is Lyla eating lunch and Grandpa the Reindeer keeping her company and trying to check out what she is eating. Lyla thought she was a big shot sitting at this big table in the kitchen.
Here is Lyla talking with Ryan's Aunt Peggy and Granny.

Lyla enjoyed all things Christmas. She loved all of Grandma's decorations. And just like home, all the lights go on when Lyla gets up in the morning. Here she is checking out Grandma's tree.

More Kitty Kat pictures..

Standing over the vent and enjoying 'windy'. When ever our heat comes on and Lyla is by the vent she says 'Windy!'

Here is Lyla with Grandpa enjoying some Salsa. Funny thing - Lyla now calls Grandpa 'Kitty Kat' since we went to visit.

Grandma and Grandpa got Lyla a cleaning set which was a huge hit! I knew she would love this as she is always stealing my dust pan and broom. Now she has her own - Thank You!! Here she is cleaning with Grandma!

And one last picture with 'My Kitty Kat'.

We had a great trip to G and G's and we were glad to see everyone. Ryan's mom had a dinner party every night - what a lady! I know I couldn't do that! But it was great to see everyone and a great Christmas.

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