Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lyla's 1st Snowman

New Years Eve brought us some lovely fresh snow. Lyla loves snow and she was ever so eager to get outside and enjoy it. It was a mild day and the snow was perfect for making a snow man. Through Caillou book and TV show Lyla was well versed on making a snowman.

The first thing Lyla did when she went outside was work on shovelling the snow. Lyla calls this 'blowing snow' and this is another thing she has a love for. She has been asking me almost daily if we can blow snow and sadly we haven't had any fresh snow to blow. She loves to push her shovel around in the snow. Here is Lyla with her snowball. I have a video of Lyla throwing this snowball right at Daddy. It is hilarious.

Here is some of Daddy's and Lyla's 'snowball fight'. They had a ball...
I love this picture. It is one of my favorites - my 2 loves laughing together, caught in the moment.
Oh boy!! Playing in the snow is so much fun!Daddy made the best snowman for Lyla. We decided to make the snowman outside of the patio glass door so Lyla could look out the window and see her snowman. Here is Lyla checking out her snowman . . .

Here is the finished product with my little snow bunny...

It was so much fun. Unfortunately our snowman has seen better days now and we are eagerly awaiting more snow to assist in making a new snowman.

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