Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas at Nana and Papa's House

The first stop on our Christmas tour was my parent's place, a.k.a Nana and Papa's house. Lyla loves their house as it is the county that she loves. She loves the fresh air and open spaces. But more than anything, she loves the neighbour's 'neigh-neighs'. She knows what windows she can see these 'neigh-neighs' from. She is always eager to look for them and asks just as eagerly to go and see them. So these are definitely a high light of our trip to Nana and Papa's house. Here are Lyla's 'neigh neighs 'waiting for her to come and visit them. This visit Nana had bought a large bag of carrots that needed to be eaten by the horses. So Lyla was luckily enough to get to feed them carrots from our hands. She loved it! And so did the horses!

To get to and from the 'Neigh-neighs' we used the sleigh. She also loves going for a sleigh rides very much. Daddy gives good sleigh rides..

On the 23rd, my parent's celebrated Christmas. This was exciting for Lyla as she would get to spend time with her cousins. This time Lyla was able to 'run with the pack'. She loves her cousins very much and loves to play with them. Here is Lyla and Jillian looking at Jillian's My little pony toy. We all hope that these girls will be good friends in the future.
Lyla loved her cousin 'Matt-chew'. She loved playing with him. Probably the funnies thing about Christmas dinner was that Lyla had both Matthew and Jillian eating out of her hand - literally. She would put some butter on her finger and they would lick it of.. It was funny!

Christmas Eve gave us more time with the kids. An impromptu trip to The Young's allowed for more play time with the kids, and an emergency operation on the cat Claire !

That night was our Christmas Eve service at the church. I was so looking forward to this, but we ended up not being able to go as Lyla had a cold. We did however go up to the church to check out the donkey at was outside the church by the stable. Again - Lyla loved this!

We went home and got situated again for Santa's arrival. We had story time by the fireplace with Uncle Darren reading some stories for Lyla..
The next morning, Santa arrived again. And he brought Lyla another Train!
Nana and Papa gave Lyla her very own rocking chair, which Lyla loved. It was ironic as Lyla had been pulling out their rocking chair and trying it out the days before she got her own. We are looking forward to Nana and Papa bringing her rocking chair over sometime in January.

We had a quick breakfast and headed back on the road for the 2nd part of our trip - Ryan's parents house. But, we had a great time at my parents and enjoyed our time with everyone.

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