Thursday, September 11, 2008

The 11th

The 11th is an important date in my life. It is also an important date in many other people's lives. My reason for the 11th is a date of joy, while other people it is a date of sadness.

7 years ago, the tragedy of 9/11 occurred in which the lives of a nation changed. This terrorist attack hurt more than a nation, rather it hurt the entire world, as I was living in Canada at the time of the attack and my spirit was crushed and my soul shivered in terror. So, the 11th is an important date for many, as we remember the lives lost to a horrific event.

Just like a coin, there are two prespectives. The 11th has brought much joy to our family and therefore, I think of the 11th as a blessed day.

The 11th of September 2007, was the day that Ryan and I visited Dr. Duff and our pregnancy with Lyla was confirmed. It was a similar day to today, a beautiful fall day with the sun shining warmly. Our souls were warmed with the news from Dr. Duff that indeed we were expecting. I thought of this day as I drove off to yet another doctor's appointment, 1 year later, this time for our daughter.

March 11th, 1998, my sister became a mother, I became and aunt, and my parent's became grandparents. This is they day of my niece Emily's birthday. On the flip side of this particular date, this is the day that my mother's mom passed away. Not this calender year, but on March 11th. I always think that my grandma's spirit was passed along in Emily as Emily was born on the anniversary of her passing. I also think that it is no coincidence that my sister's second child Matthew was born on my grandma's birth date. My sister Pam had a strong loving connection with my grandma, which I think is evident in these life events.

Now, for the most important 11th -May 11th, 2008; Lyla's Birthday. The day that I became a mother and the day that Ryan became a father. The day that we were blessed with a daughter. The birth of Lyla has made our lives so much more complete. We have enjoyed Lyla so much that we are often wondering what took us so long to decide to start a family. Her smile melts our hearts. So you can see that to our family, the 11th encompasses so much love and joy. There will never be another month that passes where I don't reflect upon my blessings the the date "the 11th" has brought to me. If I where to play the lotto, you would have to be sure that I would have the 11th in there.

On a side note but relative to my topic of the 11th. Today, when I was at Lyla's doctor appointment, the receptionist told me that she made a new baby appointment this morning for a baby girl born today on the 11th, named LYLA born at the same hospital as our Lyla. Sounds like another family who was blessed with a little girl on the 11th.

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