Thursday, September 18, 2008

The definition of a fall day

Today was one of those perfect fall days. If you looked up a fall afternoon stroll you would see a photo of Lyla and I today. It was picturesque, excepect I did not have my camera. The sun was shining the color that can only be defined as that beautiful clear sky blue. The only thing in the sky was the jet streams left behind some planes travelling in the far abyss. The sun was shining glorious warmth. There was a content breeze blowing. It was the type of day that if you were wearing a sweater you would not be too warm, and if you were wearing a t-shirt you where not too cold. It was just a perfect day. I had a baby cuddled up with her favorite blanket sleeping like an angel in her stroller. We are strolling at a time which allows us to have the top open of the stroller as the sun is in just the right spot that it doesn't shine on Lyla's face. I have a Michigan honey crisp apple in my hand and my sunglasses on, and I walked so slowly to enjoy this perfect day. This walk sent me through a vast array of memories of previous fall afternoons in my life. I thought of days long gone where I ran under the same sky at my public school and enjoyed the return of school in the fall weather. The laughter on the playground. The swing of the swing sets, the spinning of the tires, and the swoosh of the slide. I thought of jackets on the lawn, left to warm in the sun as children ran and enjoyed the sunshine upon their skin. I fast forward to days in Kingston, where coming out of a stale lecture hall into the fall beauty would rejuvenate ones soul. A walk down to the water front would lead to an afternoon sitting by the shore side enjoying the fall day with a textbook in hand. Unfortunately the textbook would not get much attention as would the company you were with and the knowledge that this weather would soon be gone. So today as I walked so slowly on our daily stroll I enjoyed these memories and enjoyed looking down at our daughter and realized how this too will be a memory. I was just so glad that I am here in this moment to enjoy these moments of life, and the quintessential fall day.

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