Saturday, September 13, 2008

My sick baby

Lyla was very sick yesterday. She woke up at 6:30 am and had a fever of 99.6. This is not unusual for her after her vaccinations so I didn't get too concerned. She took a dose of Tylenol and headed back to sleep. She did throw up a bit when she had woken up, but not a large amount.

When she woke up at 10:00, she didn't have a fever anymore, at least by axillary reading. She didn't want to go back to sleep so I brought her downstairs with me. She was on her play matt, not really playing, just lying there. I was thinking that she must still be tired when she threw up quite a large amount. I took her upstairs and got her cleaned up and we looked at some books in the rocking chair. She was starting to feel warm again, so at 11:00 I rechecked her temperature and it was back up to 99.8 axillary. I gave her another dose of Tylenol and she was starting to get fussy so I put her down for a nap.

At 12:15, when she woke up her temperature was reading 99.9 axillary. I decided to check her rectally because I wasn't sure of the validity of her temperature. Her reading was 102.o. With that I decided to call the doctor. As her fever was not treading downwards, rather it was continuing to climb. The RN I spoke to tried to reassure me that this was all part of the immunizations. However, she told me that Lyla should not be throwing up, as Lyla is throwing up on me as I am talking on the phone. The RN told me that I should make a routine appointment to get Lyla checked for reflux. I was like, "are you kidding me?" So, I said to her, "You are not concerned that with the Tylenol her fever is climbing rather than being controlled?" So with that she told me to call back in an hour if her temperature had not gone down. Lyla fell back asleep and at 1:30 I rechecked her and her temperature was 102.2. So, a call back to the clinic and they want to see her in 45 minutes. Ryan flew home and we took our little angel to the doctor's office. She was feeling so lousy that we had a cool cloth on her head and she didn't even try to pull it off.

There the doctor physically assessed Lyla and saw nothing wrong with her. So he said that he wanted to run some tests to see what could be causing these problems. Because she had a high fever, they were thinking that it probably was not a reaction to the vaccines that she had received 24 hours prior to this time. So they took some blood from her poor little finger, and oh the tears. The results came back with a high white count. The normal is 5 to 15 and her level was at 25. So then the doctor wanted to get a urine sample. So they had to catheterize her to get a clean urine sample, and it came back with white cells in it as well. That was terrible to watch them hold her down. Lets just say it wasn't just Lyla crying by this point. So then, he decided he wanted to get some more blood for blood cultures. So we headed off to the hospital for these tests. Now that was terrible too, as they had to put a large needle in her arm to get the blood. Poor Lyla had a terrible day. She was feeling very lousy and then all this trauma on top of it.

Today she is doing better, a little more herself. However, her temperature it pretty labile and it is up again right now. So she is still taking Tylenol, as well as antibiotics and her vitamins. I feel like I am giving her something with a syringe every time she is awake. She slept a lot today. She slept in until 1 pm. And had a couple of naps today. Last night she did not have a restful sleep. Every couple of hours she was restling around and pouting in her sleep. She is a little bit clingy, but not too bad for what she has gone through. And believe me, I don't mind her being clingy. It isn't until your baby is unhealthy that you realize how precise health is. When we were talking with the doctor, the thought of having to go to the hospital came up and I am so thankful that she is able to be at home and get better in the comfort of her own home. But more than anything Lyla is a brave little girl. She is a little trooper and I am sorry that she had to go through all this, and I hope that she is on the mend. We talked to the doctor today, and he said that as of right now her cultures are coming back negative. So we will hope and pray that they continue to come back negative, and then we can stop her antibiotics. Anyways, that is what is new in the house of Hewlett. Hope you are all well, and keep my little Lyla in your thoughts.
By the way, I would be interested to hear if any of you had similiar reactions post vaccinations???

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