Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dancing and Grooving!

Dance to the music!!

At some time in our day there is a dance party. There is no set time for this dance party, rather it just occurs when the urge hits us. It may be first thing in the morning, after lunch or before bed but whenever it is it sure is a lot of fun.

Here are some step by step directions on how to get the most out of your own dance parties...
1. Grab 2 buckets, put them on your wrists and get into 1st position. (For all of you non ballerinas; Lyla is demonstrating the first position with her feet.)
2. Feel the music and start to groove it. Feel the beat in your knees..

3. Sing out loud at the top of your lungs!

4. Take a walk, keep those buckets up and act like you have better places to be, but you know that you don't because...

5. Because once you check yourself out in a mirror you know you got to..

6.You got to move it, move it!!!

Hope you all take some time for a free dance today!

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"act like you have places to be, but you know you don't..."
Mannn did that line ever put a smile on my face!!!! Thanks Kel....that's the story of my life :)

Hope alls well in your neck of the woods!! Can't WAIT to see you at the Christmas party this year :)