Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We all know that Lyla Water baby! This fall we enrolled her in swimming lessons at the community center and it has been a big hit. It has been an event that we can do as a family as we go at night so Daddy can come along. Which has actually turned out good as Ryan has more guts than me and I don't know if I could 'dunk' Lyla as they want us to do once a lesson.

Anyways.. Lyla has been loving the swimming lessons. She is very excited to go to the 'Pool' and she know when I show her her 'Suit' that we are going to be going swimming. We will probably continue this through the winter as she is enjoying it so much.

I swear she knows when she wakes up from her nap on swimming day that it is time to go to the pool, it seems she always asks about the pool on that day. She also knows that after swimming we routinely get a pizza and bread because when I loaded her in the car last week after swimming she promptly asked me for her 'bun' which is the bread that goes with the pizza. I don't know how she knows this stuff but she does...

Here are some pictures of our water baby!

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