Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lyla's Fall Must Haves

When ever we go outside there are 3 things that Lyla needs to enjoy this fall weather. These include her coat, which she asks for as she hugs her stomach. Her pumpkin hat, which I was going to return because I figured there was no way that she would keep this on, let alone ask for it all the time. And the third item in her new shoes. I bought her a pair of new running shoes a week ago which she will bring to me and ask to put them on even when we aren't going outside. Yesterday I had her ready to go to Gymboree Music class in her SeeKai Run shoes and she would not leave until we changed shoes.
Anyways, here is Lyla in her outfit. And there may soon be 4 must have items as the coat has matching mittens which she put on yesterday and thought they were a huge hit. The coat I got off line at CocoBons in the summer and it is super cute.
Yesterday at music class Lyla went in in her coat and hat. I took both off and she promptly asked for both of them to be put back on. So she wore her coat and hat for a bit of the class. As a wise woman once told me, you have to choose your battle and this was not a battle to fight as she would have been heart broken and she just wanted to show her teacher and classmates her coat and her hat.
Here is Lyla playing outside yesterday... showing off her attire..

Loving those mitts.

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