Monday, October 26, 2009

Our trip to get a 'Pie'

Last Sunday I was fortunate enough to get low census at work and was able to leave 4 hours early. This was so exciting for us as a family, as we had not had a day together since Labor day. Ryan was going to take a day off from work so we could enjoy a pumpkin patch day, so this was a bonus. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we decided to race up to our Pumpkin Patch where the fall festivities were taking place. There was lots to see and do there. Animals to visit, Hayrides to find our perfect pumpkin, a train ride and of course more time in the barn to see the animals again.
We had to end the visit with some sweet and lovely apple cider and of course some cinnamon donuts for the ride home.
Here are some pictures to chronicle of our visit to the farm.

After visiting the animals in the barn we got in line for the hay ride. Here is Lyla and I on our hayride to the pumpkin patch. Oh the excitement when we got to the patch. She was so excited, pointing at all the 'pies' which is pumpkins in Lyla lingo. Here she is on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin. She would run up to a pumpkin and point at it and tell me about it. I would then say, something like 'this one has too much green. Lets go find another.' Lyla would reply as 'OK! OK! OK!' and run off to look at another pumpkin. She was so excited and had so much fun in the pumpkin patch.
Here she is on the hunt for the pumpkin..

Daddy and Lyla in the pumpkin patch.
The next 7 photos I have entitled. 'Finding the one - Lyla's Pie Celebration'
After a long search Lyla found the One! You first have to get down low and give it a pat and see if it meets your standards..It is perfect!! Yes!! So do a little dance...
And jump up and down!Don't forget to clap your hands! Doing this while you dance adds to the excitement!
Put is all together and boogie down and you have got the one! The Pumpkin Celebration!

After the pumpkin patch adventure we hopped back on our hayride and headed up to the front of the farm. Lyla quickly spotted the train and we were a little apprehensive on taking her on the train after our last train ride at the zoo. Lyla was a champ and we were lucky, because this was like a 15 minute train ride around the entire farm. I think we saw every acre, so we are lucky she didn't freak out as it would be a long ride.
Here is Lyla and Daddy with the train!

We headed back up to the farm and revisited all the animals. I have more videos on this part of our trip so I will only share with you one picture.

And check out this 'crow' aka scarecrow. He was just massive.

Lyla picked out this ity-bity pumpkin to be her pumpkin. She was so proud of it. She held on to it the whole way home and ate dinner with it and everything.

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch and already we are planning next years trip. It was great as Lyla is so into pumpkins and animals right now.


TheFancyFritter said...

I just stumbled across your blog from BlogFrog & what a fun time!! I just love her little Pumpkin hat!! :) Great blog!

pam said...

Happy Halloween!!