Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Christmas Shopping Blues and Little Black Dresses

Today I had to go to work for 4 hours in the morning for an educational session on using the computer for our charting, instead of writing everything down. Afterwards, I thought today is the day. This is the day! I am going to get some of my Christmas shopping done. So I headed to my trusty ol' Kohl's. I grabbed a cart and started to browse. I circled the store once and realized that I had not anything in my cart but what my mother had given my money to buy for her. So I went for another round. Nothing! I was so disappointed that I had to head towards the direction of lady's wear. Searching out two fancy cocktail dresses I headed to the dressing room. Tried them on. One would have looked better if I was pregnant. It was high waisted and honestly looked awful without a belly but would probably look quite cute with a belly. I considered the need to have this outfit in my closet for if such an occasion was to occur that I would be both pregnant and need an outfit to wear to a dressy party. Realizing the craziness of this idea, I hung that outfit back on to the hanger and tried option number 2. A nice black Velvet dress. The phrase "everyone needs a cute black dress in their closet" was running through my mind as a pulled it on. I did think this one was more fitting for my life now. It did look alright, maybe the red Christmas-light socks didn't do it justice, but to no avail it went back on the rack. Then I decided to look for new shoes. You see there is a method to my madness for what may seem to be a random attack of the black dress hunger. This Friday is both of our work's Christmas parties. Ryan's is actually quite the dress up event. The first year I didn't know what to wear and I thought about wearing pants. I decided to go with my simple "little black dress" and I was definitely under dressed. These girls get their hair and makeup done and they are dressed in formal dresses. Being thrifty, I looked at my dresses last night. I got out my high school formal dress and shimmied into it. YIPPEE!! it still fits, but today I had the purchase fever I guess. Needless to say, the shoe shopping experience did nothing for me either. However, I really do want a new pair of shoes, so I may look into that more deeply before Friday.
So that is my story of Christmas shopping blues and little black dresses. So disappointed that nothing was accomplished today. Oh well, there is always the next day. I will be triumphant!
On an exciting note, I bought tickets today for White Christmas, the musical based on the movie with Bing Crosby. We are going on Thursday night. I am very excited about it, as it is one of our favourite Christmas movie.

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Anonymous said...

If I was with you, I bet you would of found a dress and some shoes and more Christmas Decorations for the house. You don't have enough. Mom H.