Friday, December 22, 2006

Our Christmas Morning

This morning Ryan and I had our Christmas morning. We have been doing this early because I am always working on Christmas day. We have come to realize that the actual "date" does not matter, as long as we are together and sharing our time together it really does feel like "Christmas morning" to each of us. Above is our "coordinating" Christmas morning photo as the celebs say. Unfortunately for you, all that we have that coordinates is our bath robes.
We started our morning off with a yummy eggs and bacon breakfast, then off to our stockings and the tree for our gift exchange. Ryan and I have placed a limit on our spending for the last 4 years. In the past, we would go overboard, spending an extreme amount of money. Since then we have only 100 dollars to spend, and it always fun to try to get the most for our money. Instead of just spending money to spend it, you have to think about what each other wants, and actually 100 dollars is quite a lot to work with. We both received great gifts this year. The best one that Ryan gave me was an ornament for our tree with every one's photo in it from our Thanksgiving/Christmas party. I think that the best gift I got Ryan was a Michigan Rose Bowl T-shirt, and a Michigan Football DVD. I think you can see the trend. Since we are going to the Rose Bowl, Ryan now has a shirt to wear.

On another note, I have finished my stocking for Jillian. I am glad that I have gotten it done in time for Santa's arrival. I have made both Emily and Matthew stockings, and now Jillian has her own. Here is a photo of it hanging on our fireplace. This all started when I made one for Ryan in University. I worked all summer to get it done. I had never done anything like this before, and when I brought it home from the store, my mom thought that I was crazy. Now, I am in demand. My sister thinks I should travel to craft shows. I don't think it is worth it, it is very time consuming and I probably would not enjoy it as much if I wasn't making it for someone I cared about.

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Awww, you two snugglebugs, I just want to pinch your cheeks :) You look so darling. Glad to hear your Christmas was all you expected and more.

Jillians stocking is beautiful, Are the sequins hand stitched, Martha Hewlett?