Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Good Bye Christmas 2006

Hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone. This morning I got up and flicked on my faithful Christmas radio station to hear a classic pop song on, which had no Christmas context. I turned off the radio and said to Ryan, "I guess Christmas is officially over". I would have like to have been listening at midnight last night. Do they cut right to the 80's pop at 12:01? Why wouldn't you keep the holiday music with us throughout the holiday season, which to me is until after New Years. Oh well, I will protest by playing my Holiday collection of Cd's.

We had a wonderful Christmas season. We were very fortunate to see everyone in our family this Christmas season. We went to my parent's house this weekend and had my entire family there. It is always nice when you have everyone together.
We had to leave on Christmas Eve because I had to work yesterday. The duty of being a young RN. Ryan's parents were planning on coming for Christmas but Ryan's mom has been very sick this past week. Luckily she is starting to feel better. I had a nice treat though, Ryan came and had lunch with me at the hospital. Then last night we went for a drive and looked at Christmas lights. All in all, we had a wonderful holiday season, and before you know it, it will be upon us again. Time sure does fly.

Wishing you all an enjoyable rest of the holiday season.

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Humble said...

No way, Christmas does not end that early.It has to go at leaast until Orthodox New Years sometime in early January. Im thinking of the 9th or 10 of January.
We can continue in the desert at Las Vegas. See you at the Rose Bowl game and we'll visit some more relatives while in California.
Kelly, that is something you would have to work at getting used to since they celebrate Christmas with no snow!!
See you on New Years Eve in Burbank
Bring your hottest outfit-you never know when a talent scout will be walking by.