Friday, December 8, 2006

White Christmas

Last night Ryan and I had a very nice night out. We went out to dinner at Andiamo's. This is an Italian restaurant in his building. It was very good. We sat so that we were right on the river front, looking back at the good old homeland of Canada, and its picturesque Windsor Casino. We then went over to the Fox theatre and enjoyed the musical by Irvin Berling "White Christmas". You will know this as the Christmas movie with Bing Crosby. The play was pretty good. The singing and dancing were fantastic. The scenery and costumes very nicely done as well. I would recommend it to others, however the movie is still an A+, and would highly recommend that as well.
I think I am starting to feel the pressures of the holidays. It seems like there is endless things to prepare for and things to get done. I am probably putting this stress upon myself but I know when my body is telling me "hey I am tired" because it did that last night. Those of you who know me well will know what I mean by saying last NIGHT. I have just worked the last 7 days and in between that I have everything else I am trying to get done before we go to Canada. Ryan thinks I am crazy, but sometimes I think that men don't get it: I have Christmas cards to do, Christmas letter to compose and print, a Christmas stocking to complete for my new niece Jillian, baking to do, as well as Christmas shopping, Christmas wrapping and getting ready for Christmas parties. I know people wouldn't mind if I didn't get things done, but it is me the busy body, Martha wannabe, that wants everything to be done just right. The holiday time sure is a busy time. I am going to make sure that through this chaos that I am going to enjoy all the fun things we are going to do. We have two parties tonight and one tomorrow. I am really looking forward to that!
Anyways, speaking of time, I better run to get some work done.

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