Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Painted Walls

I worked all weekend so Ryan took the opportunity to paint while I was out of the house. He finished last night and it looks great. He did an amazing job. Here is a picture of the walls without the border, that will be the next step.

Today my parents are coming and we are going to buy the furniture for the babe - the crib and probably the change table/dressor. I am excited about this as things are starting to fall into place.

The babe has been very active lately. Moving around quite a bit. We go tomorrow for the ultrasound to check the placenta location, so keep your fingers crossed for us and hope it has moved. We are both looking forward to seeing the babe again.

I went to the dermatologist who took a look at my rash and said not to worry, it is just eczema. I have some cream that will hopefully help with it. So for everyone that thought that I had PUPPP, it is not that, he said that for sure. We had read that if I had PUPPP there was a 70% chance that the baby was a boy. So, I guess that my rash isn't going to be the determining factor for the sex of the babe. Then I went and had my blood glucose test done, and scored an 81. So no gestational diabetes, which is great. Rather I had a hypoglycemic attact after the test and after grocery shopping. I felt really shaky and hot and had to eat something before I could even drive. It is so interesting how your baby responds differently to things when you are pregnant.

Anyways, that is what we have been up to. Hope you are all fine and dandy.

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Looks great you guys!! Glad to hear all is well at your household, I'll be praying the placenta moves out of the way (mine did too) and that you have a lovely ultrasound!
I had the barf-o-rama after the (2 hr.) GD test..it was lovely. Haven't had orange pop since.
Can't wait to see you at Pattis shower!
Love ya,