Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Here are some pictures from our recent baby purchases. We did put them together without much problems. Can't wait to use them!

Here is the play yard. See the change table to the right and the bassinett is set up right now.

Here is Daddy Ryan practicing his strolling moves with our new Chicco Stroller.

And, here is a picture of my growing belly.


The Rebelo Family said...

Well, you're looking darn great, Kelly! Sorry to hear there are so many complications, but hopefully all will be well in the end! :)
It's amazing what our bodies have us go through to do something so astounding yet so natural - can't wait to hear your story now that I've acquired a few of my own! I really appreciate the novelty in your experience compared to my recent pregnancy, I think likely because I'd just done one! Anyhow, we're thinking of you and hoping all is well! By the way, love the playyard - that's the newer model (hard to believe 2 years newer) of ours, by the way, so great choice (great minds think alike?!)!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly! You look fantastic pregnant and Ryan looks fantastic as a stroller guy!!! You two are going to have so much fun with this new babe. xo, Kat