Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Prenatal Visit # 6

Yesterday when I was at work, I suddenly felt horrible. Weak, hot, sweaty, pale and nauseated. Doesn't that paint a pretty picture. So anyways, I ended up loosing my lunch and came home early. Today I stayed home to rest and recover and decided to see if I could get into see my MD today rather than tomorrow, since tomorrow is his "on-call" day, and you never know how long you are going to hang out waiting. So I got in to see him today and here is the low down from my visit.

He thinks I may have been fighting off a virus yesterday, but isn't totally sure. I think it could be either that or that I just have wried anatomy/ weak stomach. Seeing that my small intestine narrows and this baby just loves to hang out so high I wondered if the baby was pushing on my stomach yesterday after I had eaten lunch, making me feel horrible and leading me to get sick. Either one is an option but I was glad I just laid low today as I haven't had much of an appetite since I was sick yesterday, which is so unusal as I have been straving.

He is going to repeat my ultrasound on February 20th to check my placenta. I have to go for my glucose tolerence test anytime now. I got the paperwork. I figure I will just do it someday I am at work, so I don't have to come in special for it.

He is not sure about my continued rash on my belly. He would like me to go see a Dermatoligist to see what it is. I asked him if he thought it was Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy, which usually affect women in their 3rd trimester and occur along stretch marks, and seeing that I don't meet either of those qualifications, he said he wasn't sure. So tomorrow I have to make an appointment for that.

Otherwise things looked good. My blood pressure was good, the babe's heart rate was about 147. I had gained 3 pounds. Things are all looking fine.

Now for the incidient that occured at the clinic today.

The medical tech comes and gets me from the waiting room and takes me and weighs me in. After I saw that I have gained my 3 pounds since last visit she sends me into the bathroom to get me to do the routine pee in the cup. When I come back to the room, she is already there, waiting for me. She goes out of the room to get the lab form form my glucose test. I hop up onto the exam table and she turns to me and says; "So, are you having a baby boy?"

I was shocked and turn to her and say "WHAT? Are you telling me I am having a baby boy?!?! Because I don't know the sex of the baby. We decided not to find out."

She looked a little taken aback at my questions. She kinda laughed at me, and replied "OH NO, I am not saying that you are having a baby boy. I just thought you look like a boy." She is pointing at my belly.

Now, I am not falling for this. I say to her" Listen, I know that the sex of the baby is somwhere in my chart, So are you saying it is a boy?"

She replies "No, they don't report the sex in your file. So we don't even know what you are having. All I was saying, is that some mothers know, be it from the scan or be it from their intuition, and I thought you looked like a boy. Now all you want is a healthy baby right. It doesn't matter if it is a boy or a girl does it?"

"No it doesn't." I say, still not convinced. She then takes my blood pressure and she wonders why it is 120/66 when I normally run in the 90's. That is because she just gave me a figgen heart attack. I considered asking my doctor if the sex is in my chart just to see if she was lying. But, then I decided I would be finding out the truth, and ultimately the sex of the babe. I will believe her this time, because I still want to have the thrill of the surprise.

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