Friday, February 1, 2008

Shopping for the babe

I never knew the addiction of baby stores until I became pregnant. You know how they say pregnant women get cravings, well I actually "crave" BabiesRUs. Isn't that unbelievable? A couple of weeks ago, I just HAD to go. Not that I needed anything or was really going to accomplish anything. It was just the fact that I had to go see if anything had changed since I had last been there. I think that I have been there at least 4 times in the last two weeks. And then if you were to count the number of times that I am on BabiesRUs website I think you would all be scared for me. Not to mention, that I can now recognize the store' s phone number on our call display when they call. As Ryan says, the babe is really "cleaning up" in regards to the purchases made in our household, as usually something seems to sneak its way back home with me. We went last night after work, and even though I am still in my P.J.'s under a blanket of new snow, I would go out in a heart beat if Ryan asked me if I wanted to go. I really think I have an addiction problem, has anyone heard of any support group for such a problem???

So what have we bought you ask? Last night we bought a couple of big purchases. We bought our "Travel System", which to an unpregnant person that is the stroller and the car seat. We also bought our "Play yard". To anyone circa 1980s, that is a playpen of now, equipped with a change table, vibrating bassinett, playpen area, mobile, shade, music,- the works. We had a couple of coupons so we decided we might as well go out and purchase some of the bigger items. We saved about 70 dollars, which I thought was pretty good. I am sure that 70 dollars will end up back invested in BabiesRUs but at least we will have another item for it. Other than that, I have purchased some clothing and you all saw the linens and stuff for the babe's room.

Now we have to decide if we are up the challenge of assembling these items that are currently sitting in our kitchen in their large boxes. It might be kinda fun. Now, I am sure all our you parents out their are laughing at me, as usually the assembly process is a frustrating process where you end up yelling at the instructions for being incompetent. But I am an eager first timer, and anything to do with the babe just makes me smile. And to see the babe's stuff making its way into our home makes me realize how someday soon the life of the Hewletts will be changed forever - for the good.

As a side note that has nothing to do with shopping, but rather a generalized babe update, I wanted to let you all know that I am feeling great. Maybe a little tired this week but the nausea and vomiting has stayed away. I can't get over two things. The first one is the hunger that I feel. I am hungry all the time. I could eat a meal and then a half hour later I am thinking about what I want to eat again. The second is the constant motion that the babe is doing. Sometimes I feel like I am on the loca-motion. I feel a lot of movement, kicking, punching, squirming, everything which is so cool. Now I can understand how people enjoy being pregnant.

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Little Baby Rutledge said...

You sound exactly like me when I was having Declan . . . and after he was born too!! Now that I think about it, I've been doing that since I was a kid. I remember analyzing the sears catalogues deciding what I would buy one day when I had kids:)