Thursday, April 30, 2009

'Ba' a.k.a. Balloon

Last week I went to 'Party City' to buy some of the stuff that I need for Lyla's birthday party. She was absolutely adorable in the store. They have an entire wall of inflated balloons that you can look at and decide which one you want to buy. So I was looking at the wall and Lyla was sitting in her stroller, and it is not uncommon for Lyla to say Hello to everyone that passes by. She is a very friendly girl. So I hear her saying hello. And I always say Hi back because passer-byers don't always pay attention to her and that breaks my heart. So I look down and say 'Hi' back to her and I see that she is waving and smiling ear to ear at a Diego balloon! Now, she has never seen Diego before so it wasn't that she recognized him. It was just that she loved the balloons. So, me being the easy momma that I am - I bought her a Blue's Clue Balloon. Blue's Clue because it was on Clearance and because she LOVES dogs! She loved that balloon so much. She would call for it - 'Ba'. Wave at it, smile at it, scream at it and she took that balloon everywhere with her for the first 24 hours. She even held onto it tightly as we left the store. I could not even see her in the mirror the whole way home because she had Blue's Clue in front of her. All I could her was her talking away to it and screaming with joy at it. Sadly, last night when I was making dinner Lyla was playing with 'ba' and 'ba' seemed to deflate some how. But it will only be 10 more days before Lyla gets some more 'bas'.

Here she is with her 'ba'. Yes - it was bigger than her!

Lyla 'bums' around the house now, and she would hold onto the strings and bum around while holding on to it. She would not let it out of her sight!

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pam said...

Sorry about the fights over BA!!
Everyone seems to love bas