Monday, April 6, 2009

Old Man Winter is at it again!

Uggh! We knew it was coming but you don't believe it until you peer cautiously out of your window and see the glimpse of that clean white snow. Then you look at your calender and say "Enough already!" But it looks like today is going to be a snowy day. Another couple of inches expected before the end of the day. I can hear the wind a howling and the house a-creaking... I think today will be a pajama day!Ahh - memories of just 2 days ago! On Saturday the sun was shining and the birds where out singing - we even had a robin fly by and say hello to Lyla. We were outside for an hour letting the little girl walk around and enjoy the springtime air.

Hurry up spring... find your way back to us! We had so much fun with you this past weekend!

I hope you are all keeping warm if you are snowy but if you are not - enjoy a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh spring air for us today!


One Anxious Mommy said...

We are having a beautiful few days here too - hope spring finds you soon!

pam said...

I love Lyla in that hat. You have more snow than us, everything we had is just about gone now. So far so good!


Well I'm sure glad that you had a beautiful weekend when you weren't working! What a nice time it sounds like you had, I LOVE the pics of Lyla and the bunny...oh the one where she's squinting to see you, just kills me.

Hope you're doing well babe, would love to get together soon!! I mentioned at the last girls night out that I'd be doing one in the summer here at the farm....barn tours, weiney rooast...hope you could make it. I'll plan well in advance...

Take it easy!!!