Monday, April 20, 2009

Sitting with 'the bunnies'

Every Easter, my mom (Nana to Lyla) have her grandchildren sit with some toy bunnies. I was not expecting Lyla to be involved in this tradition because it seems like I work every Easter and we are 2 hours away from Nana's house. However, an impromptu trip a week and a half ago allowed Lyla to be involved in this tradition. My pictures are not as good as Nana's because Lyla was dancing on the settee with the bunnies and I had to sit close to catch her if she danced right off. And than, Lyla had eyes only for her Nana so most of my pictures are a side profile as she is looking at her Nana.
I like the first one with her legs crossed so lady like! :)

These pictures made me realize how little Lyla still is. I mean the Bunny to her right is bigger than her!

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pam said...

The cutest little bunny on the couch!!