Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Play'n

Today, as the weather is dull and gray I wanted to look back on the past couple of weeks. We have been blessed with some beautiful weather with lots of sun and warm weather. This has allowed us to get outside and explore some school yards and parks with our exploratory girl. Lyla is eager to get into everything and to see all that the world has to offer. Here are some pictures from a day 3 weeks ago where we visited two playgrounds in one day!

Here we are at the school yard in our neighbourhood. This was Lyla's first time on a 'big girl' swing and she loved it! Here are some really cute pictures using the tunnel. Yes - I was inside this tunnel snapping away!

A father and his daughter - a love indescribable!

Me and my girl sliding down a slide!

Driving the car! She was so cute driving this car. She used both hands, one hand and stood up and drove it as well!

Both playgrounds had the game 'x's and o's', by the time we got to this playground - Lyla was a pro!

Lyla really enjoyed swinging in these swings! She spent a long time in them very content and just watching the other children playing around her.

And of course, some music! Miss music enjoyed holding onto these bars and rattling them.

So, that is a synopsis of our day at the parks. We are looking forward to more days like this to come.

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