Thursday, February 8, 2007

The end of the journey

Yesterday I had one of those days that as a nurse you wish you didn't have to go through. Yesterday one of my patient's journey came to an abrupt end. Very unexpectedly one of my patient's passed away. It was very surreal because I was literally in his room joking with him one moment and the next moment he was in cardiac arrest. These are the events that as a nurse will leave an impact on your life.
A friend of mine just called me to tell me that her grandfather, who has been very sick, is in palliative/ hospice care. She doesn't expect him to make it through the night. Again, another end of the journey.
I know that at the end of life comes death. I probably see this more often than most because of my job. I see how people react differently to the end of life and I try to grow spiritually in reflection to these events. Yesterday's family was so strong and his wife said to me when we told her we had lost him "Its okay, because he is in heaven with his parents. He was ready to die". So courageous! I could only imagine her shock, but rather she was so strong in her faith that she was happy for the reunion her husband was having in Heaven. I had tears in my eyes many times yesterday with this family and I shared in their grief, but more than that they inspired me to strengthen my own faith.

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