Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Ahhh. Today I am off from work after working the last three days. I have one day off and then back for more. I have been finding myself enjoying quietness more and more since we got back from Hawaii. Usually when I am home by myself I have the TV on, I guess as company, because I am usually doing something while it is on and not really paying attention. However, today I am just having a quiet day. I am looking forward to reading some magazines, calling my sister and mom, and maybe starting a new craft project. Ryan always wants me to take one day that I am off and just relax and spend some time doing non-housework stuff. I always find something to do, be it laundry, clean or cook, or even a make work project. So today is MY day, I am going to do nothing for the house and just have a nice quiet day.

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