Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Saturday Night

Tonight is a good night. I am sitting here blogging in frount of the lovely orange flames of a fire inspired by my husband. You know that you are loved when you say that you are cold and your hubby jumps up to put on the tea kettle and then decides to build a fire. This is the first fire of the season for us. Our history of fire building is not, shall we say, successful. So tonight is wonderful, because our fire is roaring so lovely and orange with crackles and pops which make me so warm.
Hockey is on tonight. I feel cozy and happy in our lovely home. I am going to read my book tonight while Ryan relaxes with his hockey. Oh what a happy saturday night!


TeaMouse said...

What a sweetheart - a good hubby is the best!

Enjoy your quiet evening. You have a nice blog!

Kelly said...

Thanks we had a great night! I checked out your blog - I hope that your dishwasher is on the mend. Talk to you later! :)