Monday, February 26, 2007

Administrative details

Today I am off from work and I had decided to do nothing today. However, I have spent the morning dealing with administrative details.
Do you ever find that simple tasks end up being complicated? Like today for instance, I called the billing company for our doctor to verify that our account, Ryan and our, accounts were paid in full. So, in my first call this was verified for both accounts. Then I spoke with Ryan and he said that we were actually charged 10 dollars more. So I call back and suddenly they can not give me information about Ryan's account. Interesting that I can pay for his account but they can't give me information. Needless to say, they told me they didn't know why I was charged the extra amount and would have to call the doctor's office directly. So, this company really was useless. Things that should be simple never seem to be.
When my parents were here we did some home projects. My mom gave me an African violet about a year and half ago and it was busting out of the pot. So we divided the plant into three different plants and replanted them. I am hoping that it will survive. I bought 2 Orchids about 3 weeks ago and they are doing quite nicely. I am enjoying my indoor gardening but I am getting excited about gardening outside. In the fall we took out an overgrown tree in preparation for a vegetable garden. When my parents visited we went to my local garden center and I am looking forward to the spring time plantings. My rose garden is sleeping right now, but I am anticipating the sunny days of summer.
My mom and I also made a wreath for our doors. They turned out pretty good. It is so easy to make your own wreaths, and it is so much more cheaper. We just used a grapevine wreath and attached ivy. I put an Easter bow on mine.
I can hardly believe Easter is almost here. I am working on Easter, as I have done for the last 4 years since I started nursing. I am having a Easter dinner on the Saturday before Easter with my sister's family and my parents. My sister and her family came last year and we did the whole Easter egg hunt with the kids. This year I invited my cousins from Ann Arbor. They just adopted a 1 year old girl from China. We are all looking forward to this weekend.
Hope everyone is having a great day.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait! Here comes Peter Cottontail....

Anonymous said...

Hey Martha,

I tagged you for a meme... check out the blog for details..