Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Weight loss and Paczkis! ! !

Well, yesterday was Fat Tuesday and you would think that all of our patient's family's wanted to make us fat because in came boxes of Paczkis.

Now, I had never heard of these before I moved to Michigan but holy smokes these things are the thing to get and eat on Fat Tuesday. I mean where I grew up it was Pancake Tuesday but here it is Paczki Tuesday.

Paczki (pronounced Pounch-Key) are a polish pastry that is deep fried. I understand that the Polish Immigrants brought this to the Detroit area years ago. Due to the beginning of the Lenten season, all of the goods in one's pantry is basically thrown into this pastry. They have a filling that can be many different flavors, including apple, Bavarian cream, raspberry, prune, lemon.

The amount of calories you ask? Well, seeing that Ryan and I have been eating 1500 Calories a day, this is about one third of our allotted calories per day. Unbelievable, and some people eat more than one. They say it is about the same as a Quarter pounder with Cheese. I read yesterday that it was about 580 calories.

So, you are all wondering if I had the ability to not eat a Paczki yesterday. Well here is the story. Yesterday I was looking after this sweet lady who has been in the ICU for almost 3 weeks. So was very depressed because she had been there so long and her husband had brought in two boxes of these treats. I had told them that I had my husband on this strict diet, and therefore, I myself was on a diet. Well, they insisted that I had to try one of their Paczki's. They gave me the stat's like it was a Thoroughbred Paczki, the cream of the crop, the best of the best. And then they told me that I was the best nurse that had looked after her in her entire stay. So, how could I not have a taste of these treats. So, I cut it in half and boy it was good. I must admit that I probably ate an entire Paczki by the end of the day. They were calling me from the break room. So, I ate 580 calories of sweets yesterday. But, I made up for it in our healthy whole wheat pancakes with organic maple syrup. Only 250 Calories for dinner.

Now, did Ryan turn up the opportunity to enjoy a Paczki. YES he did. He has the best determination. Since starting this diet almost 2 weeks ago, he has not strayed at all. He has stayed under 1500 Calories per day, and he has lost about 10 pounds already! Isn't that great! I am so proud of him.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great Fat Tuesday and good luck with your Lenten journey for those who took it. I figure we have taken it because we aren't eating any sweets any more.

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