Monday, April 16, 2007


1. The act of accomplishing or the state of being accomplished; completion.
2. Something completed successfully; an achievement.
3. An acquired skill or expertise: a singer known for his accomplishment in vocal technique.
4. Social poise and grace.
This weekend Ryan and I learned a lot about the noun of accomplishment. We decided that this was going to be the weekend, the weekend that we had been dreading. This was going to be the weekend of the "Bathroom Redo". You see this task is very overwhelming and scary for both Ryan and I because as most of you who know us would probably agree that we are not the most handy of people. And seeing that this is our first home project in the almost 2 years that we have owned our home says two things:

1. We bought a house that did not need a lot of work done to it such as home renovations, which leads to point number 2.
2. We bought such said house because we do not know the first thing about plumbing, electrical and other such said events that go along with most home renovations.

Ryan and I are both content with our home and we are very fortunate for the state of our home in which we purchased this home. However, lately I have been wanting to redo our master bathroom. Our bathroom is very small and the main color was a green which did not go with our bedroom that is attached to it. I wanted to make this room reflect more upon our personalities. We had originally wanted to get this redo done by February/March, but hey one month later isn't that bad for our first home project.

Now, I am sorry my fellow bloggers that I have failed you by not having a before picture of our bathroom. I thought that I had one from when we purchased the house but I guess I didn't take a photo of our bathroom. Anyways, here is some photos from our new bathroom.

Luckily I was off from work on both Thursday and Friday, so I got the painting done those days.
At first I really disliked the color that I had choose, but now I really like it. I also put in the new light fixture above the sink on Friday before Ryan got home.

So, Friday night at 6 pm we started our journey of our first home project. We started with Ryan removing the old sink/cabinet. This was a very cleansing moment for myself as I really disliked this sink, it was older wood cabinet with a ugly green sink and a tarnished gold faucet. Well, we took that out and did the very red neck-y thing of just putting it on our front porch for the weekend. At one point our front porch looked VEERRY red neck-y with the old sink, a ladder, a old tarp used for painting purposes, and my work out matt all thrown onto our front porch. I am sure my neighbours where about to call the housing association, oh well!

Anyways, so Friday night we got the sink out, I painted the area where the old sink was, we put in new flooring where the new sink was going to lay and got the new sink in. We did all this with one visit to Lowe's and were in bed by midnight.

We woke up early the next morning and again headed back to Lowe's, actually talked to the same man who had helped us 11 hours earlier. We came home and Ryan got the plumbing done for the sink and then he tackled the insertion of a new light fixture/ceiling fan. We sawed off drywall in the roof and worked with wiring and ducting and got our new ceiling fan in. What a proud moment it was when we turned the power back on and the fan motor worked and the light was illuminated.

We then started to finish our flooring and I worked on hanging up our new accessories from IKEA. With one more visit to Lowe's we finished our project at 7:30 pm on Saturday night. I had a home made meal on the table, beef stew and biscuits, and we toasted our success with a cold glass of milk. We were both shocked at how we got all our work done in one day. The exciting thing about this was that we had one more day to relax together! We got up Sunday and went to church together and then just cleaned up and finished a couple of small projects. Then spent the rest of the day cuddled up watching hockey.
I am so proud of my husband Ryan. He worked so hard and even though there were trying times he persevered and got the bathroom of my dreams completed. We learned so much this weekend.Thanks Ry - you are the best! I had a fun time working with you this weekend. We did successfully complete our bathroom and we did learn new skills in order to achieve these accomplishments, thus achieving the definition of the term accomplishment.

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Excellent job Ryan and Kelly, it looks great. Pam