Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The legend of the ol' green sink lives on

Yes, you heard it right! Our old green sink with the ugly, tarnished faucet and the old "cottage-like" cabinet just got picked up. We put the garbage out at 5:30, and about 5 minutes ago we were sitting on the couch, Ryan watching Tiger Baseball and me reading my book, and I heard a car door shut.
"Ryan, someone is taking our sink!" Now, the background on this goes like this. Ryan SO called this event; He said when he put it out to the curb that it would be gone by morning. I was like no way does someone want this old sink, with toothpaste still in it. Well he was right.
As we watched the white van pull slowly away out we dashed to the curb and like magic the sink/cabinet is gone!
We laughed and then thought - geez maybe we should have kept it, thinking that if someone wanted it that bad it had to be a prized possession.
Live on green sink, live on!

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