Thursday, April 5, 2007

Crisis Averted

Pheeww! Well, I waited and waited for my manager to call me back. I sat in a daze watching my shows of Martha that I had not yet watched. Then I decided that I had to call her again, because I know that sometimes she doesn't pick up her messages until later in the day and this waiting was getting unbearable. But, no answer again. So I left my cell number and decided to head to Meijer for therapy. Sure enough, while reading a label on "butter like spreads" my cell started to sing. I pushed my cart out of the path of others, reached for my cell and said a silent prayer. This was it, was I going to be punished or not.
My manager on the phone says "Kelly, Did you really think I would let you out of work that easily?" Pheewwie! She said that I have until the end of May to get my paper work in. So, I can still work as there is a 60 day grace period.
Thankful that I can work, I thought to myself; things always work out. I was so upset with myself this morning and for nothing. Everything has worked out in the end! I guess I could be upset with the fact that I had to spend 20 dollars more because I was late in renewing. Thanks for your thoughts guys! Talk to you soon.

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