Friday, April 27, 2007

Australian Bound??

What would you do if your hubby had an opportunity to work in Australia for a period of either 3 months, 6 months, or 2 years?? On Monday, Ryan's work group was introduced to this idea that the Australian office is in desperate need of some help. Our interest has been intrigued and now we are just waiting to find out if he will be asked to go or not. There is quite a few that have a interest so it may not even come to Ryan being asked.

It is a scary thing to think that we could be moving away from here, and very far away from home. When I said to my mom that we could be moving she said, "I hope closer to home." I responded by saying, "actually it would be about 22 hours further away from home, by air" Yikes! We are so lucky right now to be close to family, and family is a big deal to both Ryan and I. So that would be a huge change. And yikes, to think of the phone bills!!

I really think that this would be a good change for Ryan. So I would want him to go. However, this could mean that we would be separated for some time and that would suck. I mean we lived through the summers apart in university, but we always got to see each other either every weekend or every other weekend. If he was to go for 3 or 6 months, I would try to go out for some length of time, but I highly doubt that work would hold my job for me, and then you have to think if risking my job is worth me even going over. Ryan says he does not want to go and leave me behind. It is all so confusing. Then if he got offered to go over for 2 years, that would mean selling the house, selling the cars, and putting all of our furniture into storage back in Canada. A lot of work, but maybe that would be easier in the long run because I wouldn't have to worry about my job. We also have no kids at this time and no pets. So that would make it easy.

We have always wanted to go to Australia, but we figured it would be for a vacation, not as a new residency/ work reasons. As well, Ryan would be starting work by the end of May, at the latest June 1st. Any advice? If anything, it would make for great blog-tales.



Woooowee, that is a tough one...if it were anywhere but Austrailia, I would REALLY be contemplating...but man, that really is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Congrats Ry on the Senior position, that is WONDERFUL!

BTW - Dana roberts is now living in could try connecting with her on Facebook...

Granny England said...

Just heard about your big promotion-Congratulations
I always knew you were smart

Anonymous said...

I would like you to go because then Matthew and I will get to see Australia.

I also don't want you to go because it would be too long of a trip and you'd miss the holldays and and Matthew and I would miss you guys very nuch