Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Making "sense of the senseless"

As I sit here and watch the Virginia Tech Convocation service for the innocent victims that were lost yesterday, I feel a great sense of sadness for the community of Virginia Tech. It was not too long ago that both Ryan and I were students in a university setting. We both agreed that we felt safe on our university campus, but in all reality this could happen anywhere.
We all use the word "safe" in our daily conversations. I use it when I have a patient that has fear in their eyes as a word of encouragement and comfort. However, how safe are we really? This is a scary thought when you realize that no place is safe. How can one explain this event, as there is no just explanation for this senseless act.
This event is the most horrific event to have occurred on a U.S. campus to history. Human life is not something to be taken lightly, as without warning it can be taken from you. My sincere condolescence go out to the entire Virgina Tech community, the family's who have lost their love ones, and the friends who have lost a friendship.

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