Monday, April 2, 2007

Prayer Bear

A week ago, my friend Heidi came down with her kids, J.J. and Will. It was a beautiful day outside with temperatures creeping into the low 80's. We sat outside and enjoyed catching up with each other.

Heidi brought me this "Prayer Bear."

For those of you who remember, my wedding took place in January and had a winter theme. Each of my bridesmaids wore a white faux fur stole and blue gloves. This bear was made out of Heidi's stole and is carrying her blue gloves and was given back to me from her in the form of a prayer bear. With the bear was attached this prayer:

"I'm your special "Prayer Bear." Handle me with care for I was made from your Bridesmaid's stole. A Prayer for your health, happiness, and many years of a loving marriage was said with each stitch on my face.

I thought that this was a really sweet gesture of Heidi to think of me and do this with her stole. I will cherish it forever. Thanks Heidi!

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