Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today's Chores

Good morning everyone! Today is going to be a busy day. As you can tell from my previous post we are doing some home renovations here at the ol' homestead. We are trying to get our en suite bath redone this weekend. I am hoping on getting the walls primed today. I would love to have the room painted before the weekend arrived. Then we would just have to do the flooring and the cabinet. sink, faucet and light fixtures and such over the weekend. I would love to have this work all come together with the flick of a wrist, like a fairy. However, I have a feeling that it won't be that easy. Seeing that this is our real first home project it is definitely going to be an adventure with lots of learning.
I also have to make the journey to the homeland today. My work visa needs to be renewed this week so I am going to Customs to get that renewed. The nice thing about that is that I get to have lunch with Ryan because his office is right beside Customs.
Well, I am off to start my walls. Talk to you soon.

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