Saturday, March 3, 2007

14 pounds and the favorite old jeans

Here he is! I am so proud of him! Ryan has lost 14 pounds, and has 6 more to go to reach his goal of 20. He is so dedicated and does not stray from his goal. I have lost 6 pounds, which is fine with me because I am not really trying to lose any weight.
Anyways, here he is in the old college gap carpenter jeans. I absolutely love these jeans on him and have many fond memories of him bustin a grove at Stages in these fine jeans. They were actually in the donation bin and we pulled them out today and they are back in the rotation of jeans again. Don't you guys love how I added the scale to the photo to make it an action shot. I know we are nerds.
This picture is also for my mother in law to see with her own eyes that I am not malnourishing her young son. He looks pretty good don't you think? Keep up the good work Ry!


Anonymous said...

What a Hunk!! I can say that because I'm your Mum. At first I thought the picture was taken when you were in University. You are doing great and are an inspiration for your Dad. Ryan Keep up the good work. You are a lucky guy having a wife/friend that looks after you so well - it is true love. Mum

Humble said...

Well Ryan certainly is inspiring me
The big weigh in for me is Sunday morning. I think I have lost a few pounds but not 14.I must say I feel so much better just by eating more sensibly.
I have to go at it a little harder over the next couple of weeks but I think I'm buying the tickets to the CCHA hockey finals on March 17.Ryan has won the bet-I dont think I can catch up. Oh well we'll both be having a more active summer.No more Famous Daves for dinner.Alas,I've come to prefer salads and fruit

Anonymous said...

You're doing great Ryan. Next weekend be prepared for cake, ice cream, pizza. I'm sure these are all on your diet. Yipee!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never knew uncle ry on a diet.I think he did a good job but before he look fine. Ry did not have to do it