Friday, March 2, 2007

"Snapped liked matchsticks"

Today my parents are without hydro as the hydro poles on their road, specifically the poles going up the hill to the south of their house, "snapped like matchsticks". I spoke to my mom this morning and the road is closed as the poles are laying on the road. The power went out about midnight last night. The pole in their yard did not fall down, but the group to the south of them did fall down. Pretty impressive the power of mother nature. I checked the hydro website for them to see when their hydro was to be restored and it said by noon today. However, my mom says no one has even come to work on the poles, so this is unlikely.

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Humble said...

Kelly, you are so correct.The power of the atmosphere and weather is so amazing. I first really saw the power when I was taking flying lessons a few years ago.I would see clouds going by and be pushed up a few hundred feet just by flying over the heated ground at noon in the summer.
The topic of global warming is obviously front and center these days but I must calm your fears about the plight of the polar bears.
Like many things in life, the answers to some of these issues is not so obvious and in fact is often counter-intuitive.
We are actually possibly heading toward another ice age although we really have not been keeping records long enough to judge properly.
Many climatologists as opposed to other scientists who are experts in their field but not climate, suggest the following reasons;since the earth is 3/4 covered by water,warmer temperatures will actually create more moisture in the air, leading to greater cloud cover.This will inhibit the sun from warming the earth to the same degree because there will be less insolation as the rays are directed out to space creating falling temperatures worldwide.
There, the polar bears will be OK- we just need to look beneath the "tip of the iceberg" on this stuff and read both sides.