Friday, March 2, 2007

5 Reasons why I Blog

Ok, so I was tagged by my bud Leanne, and after much investigating on what a "meme" is and figuring out what I am supposed to do, yeh I am a little slow today, I realized that I am supposed to give 5 reasons as to why I blog.
So, here they are, drum roll please.

1. To Keep in touch. This is my number one reason that I blog. As most of you know, I live in the far away country of United states from my homeland of Canada, a whole 2 hours from home, so blogging allows me to keep in touch with some friends back home and for them to keep in touch with me.

2. Journaling. I had been wanting to start a journal of my daily life. Ryan's Granny keeps a written journal and I bet it would be quite a read. I wanted a spot where I could write aimlessly and free my brain of my silly daily tasks and thoughts. You know, I even bought a journal a while back in preparation for this event, and started to fill it with recipes. There is something easier about typing a blog and being able to add pics when I felt like it.

3. To read about other's lives and realize that we all have similar daily life struggles and to see their perspective on these daily events. To get advice, new recipes and lots of laughter in one spot is a great deal.

4. It keeps me out of trouble, I am grasping here for another reason.

5. For fun. Need I say more, it is fun.

Now I am going to tag only 2 blogs because I only really read 3 blogs and Leanne has already done this.
Janalynn's website: Today I chose joy:

Nat's website: Live, Laugh and Love:



LOL ...

Blogging is fun isn't it? Wow, that will be neat to read Ry's Grandmas journal! I keep thinking that it'll be fascinating for my kids to hear of our daily events and see how we lived when they were little.

My only concern is that blogspot won't be around anymore ...and I will have not printed off my entries...then I would be sad. I really should get them printing, and bind them in like 200 entries per book ...or something like that.

It makes me think of that blog ..the Wilhoite Prayer Blog, and how she only has 2 months to live, ....What would you do to have your child remember you?
Videotapes, blogs, pictures...
It's so sad really.

Here's the link in case you didn't see it on my blog...

FARMERS WIFE said...'s

Love ya girl!