Monday, March 12, 2007

Emily Turns 9

This weekend, Ryan and I went home for Miss Emily's 9th birthday party. This is our oldest niece and it hard to believe she is already 9!

She had a great weekend. On Saturday, she had a pool party with 15 of her friends. We had pizza and cake after they got to swim for an hour. Then she slept over at Nana's and Papa's with Ryan and I. The next day, after church we took her and her brother Matthew skating. Matthew has a love for hockey, as most young boys do. So Ryan took him for his first skating lesson this weekend. He did pretty good for a 3 year old that has never been on skates before. He says he is going to pay hockey and "I win it".

We then picked up some Chinese take out and had another party for Emily at Nana's and Papa's. It was a great weekend all in all, very busy but we got to spend time with the kids which is always fun.

Ryan with Miss Jillian

I love this photo. Emily got these Easter Bunny earrings from one of her friends at her party. Here she is reading her card and Matthew has taken interest in them. Emily didn't even notice Matthew touching them.

Nana and Jillian

Matthew and me

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Anonymous said...

We had a great weekend Kelly and Ryan, thank you for coming to celebrate with us.