Monday, March 26, 2007

Productive Weekend

This weekend was a very productive weekend for Ryan and I. I must admit that you get a great feeling of satisfaction from getting "chores" done around the homestead. Even though our homestead is not of large acreage there is always "stuff" that needs to be done.

We started out the weekend with the greatest hopes of getting our Christmas lights down. Yes, I know we are one of those families. You know, the people's house who you drive by in March and say, "Can't they take their lights down!". Well, we have good excuses, believe me! We were away for most of January with our trips to California and Hawaii and then February was very snowy, and I did not think it was safe to venture upon the roof top with snow, especially since my father feel off the ladder this last fall and ended up with a concussion. So, we waited until March, and this was the weekend. So we got the lights down. You know, it is the strangest thing about strangers in your neighbourhood. When Ryan was on the roof, this older gentleman was standing in our lane way just starring at us. Not just a slight stop as he walked by, I am talking about standing in the center of our lane way starring for like 5 minutes. I finally said "hello" to him as I was walking to and from the garage and such, putting stuff away. Then he makes his way to the front of our house and stands at our main sidewalk and again stares for minutes. Finally Ryan comes off the roof and this stranger yells out to Ryan for conversation. Now, don't get me wrong, I am a nice person and I enjoy talking to our neighbours and such, but this was to be our "productive weekend" and here was this stranger talking to my husband for 45 minutes. I went up to hear what the conversation was all about and to tell you the truth I haven't a clue what he was talking about. But this is the thing that blew me away. Here is a complete stranger, standing on MY property, talking to MY husband and using vulgar language. He was saying common swear words to Ryan when I stood there, so I just walked away. It baffled me that people think that talking that way is acceptable and that they are so bold to do so to a complete stranger. Ryan was shocked at that as well. I finally managed to get Ryan back from this man so we could get back to work.

We then put out our summer furniture and then decided it was time to head to the local Lowe's to pick up some needed stuff for the house.
We had decided that we were going to redo the main bathroom's floor this weekend. When we had bought this house there was carpet laid over really dated tile flooring. Now carpet is okay, since we don't use that bathroom that much but I wanted it gone. I am not a carpet fan, especially in a bathroom where sometimes people seem to not get certain things in a certain round bowl. So, we worked on the floor and we got it finished. We were quite happy with the results! Here is a semi before and an after shot. I forgot until half way through that I should have taken a before photo. You can see the old tile in this photo below and then the finished product below.

We also changed the shower head in that bathroom because it was so not water efficient. We tested it and it filled a gallon jug in 7 seconds, when it should take about 20 seconds. We are hoping this will help conserve hot water when we have people over.

We also cleaned out the fireplace, replaced old light bulbs, and put up some Easter decorations outside the house. I guess we went from Christmas to Easter decorations in the same day.

Ryan and I also got to enjoy a nice spring walk yesterday for about an hour. It was so nice and fresh out! Today is supposed to be 70 degrees. My friend Heidi is coming over with her kids and we are going to go for a walk. I am looking forward to this.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVE the new flooring! It looks so clean and classic...well done you two!!

Anonymous said...

You are funny. I'm glad you had a great weekend together. See you soon.

Claire said...

The floor looks great guys! I wish Tyler and I could be that handy. Can't wait to see it in person.
Claire :)