Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Our New Lamp

Last night after Ryan got home, we went out to check out a floor lamp that I saw in the Linen and Things flyer. We decided to purchase it and it was yet another "put it together yourself" project. As we are checking out, I say to Ryan "Hey another thing to put together." Ryan smirks at me with memories of our not so long ago coffee table issues. The lady at the counter smiles and says to us, "It will only take a couple of minutes". We laugh as we are leaving thinking to ourselves, you haven't seen us work lady.
Well, we made no mistakes on this one and we got it together in a relatively short period of time. Under 1 hour. Ryan commented as we were putting it together that it was going too smoothly. We just giggled and hoped for an alright outcome.
So here it is, our new lamp for the living room. It does add a nice ambiance to the room, we decided it makes the room feel warmer. It has two lights, one facing up and one shining down onto the shelves. Pretty nice eh?

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty lamp Kelly and Ryan, it looks nice in the corner. Hope it is sturdy so the LSL doesn't knock it over.