Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day in History

Today history was made. Today the United States of America welcomed it's 44th President Barack Obama in a beautiful inauguration ceremony.
This is a significant event that will go down in American history as the most watched, and attended inaugural event. The figure that 1.5 million people where in the National Mall today when President Obama was sworn in as the 44th American President, another 300,000 in the neighbouring streets, and another 100,000 lining the parade route. They also estimated that 3/4 of the American population watched the televised event.
Sitting on my couch in a suburb of Detroit, I could feel the excitement and emotion of today's events resonating from the television. The emotion of President Obama's inaugural address has left me with hope for a renewed spirit of America.
The history of the event was the essence in all the planned events of the day. Be it from the morning church attendance by the "then" President elect Obama and his wife Michelle, from meeting with the "then" President Bush at the White House, to the caravan from the President's house to the People's house, the Capitol, for the inaugural event, to the helicopter dismissal of former President Bush, to the luncheon in Statutory Hall, to the Parade down Pennsylvania Avenue then to the 10 inaugural balls tonight.
I heard a small voice today in Gymboree asking another small voice, " Did you hear President Obama today? I heard him on the radio talking". There is a renewed sense of hope found in the tiniest, youngest voice to an elderly, frail voice who remembers the segregation that was once evident in the daily lives of Americans. This is the ultimate civil rights movement that we have seen unfold in front of us today, be proud for this day! And enjoy the ride that President Obama is going to take us on.
Photo credit: www.cbc.ca

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pam said...

Congratulations Lyla on this amazing day in US history. Pride in America is very strong tonight!!