Thursday, January 15, 2009

These shoes where made for...errr.. chewing?!?

We finally got Lyla's Robeeze on and be them a tad big, she took a good walk in them.... Sorry, no pics of that as I am the assistant to the walker. However, she seemed to find another use for the Robeeze shoes..... chewing....Here is a parody of Miss Lyla and her Robeeze..

"Hmmm, these look different than my socks or my slippers that I normally wear. I wonder what they are? This fur is very soft. I like things soft, but the other part feels like something mailable. Could they be... could it be....something to chew on right in front of me? I better investigate this further."

"Okay the left one first. Hmm.. yummy yummy. That fits well, and hits my top teeth just perfect."
"Now the right one. Perfect! This is also great stretching!"
"Taste is a indescribable, as you can tell by the look on my face."

"Caught yet again! My mommy told me to be careful with these pretty "slippers". Well I just "carefully slipped" them into my mouth, completely following her instructions. Why is she telling me that is not what they are for!?"

"I know my Mommy wont be mad if I give her a smile, she melts with my smile. So here you go Mommy, big smile with me and my new Robeeze. And thank you Aunt Pam, I love my new Robeezes!"

Hope everyone has a great day!


Laurie in Ca. said...

These pictures of Lyla are adorable. Isn't amazing how rubbery babies are? I just fell in love with the Robeeze slippers 3 years ago when Isaac was little. Now I am buying them for Hannah and they are so cute. They are so good for them to learn to walk in and they don't come off their feet!! It sure looks like she is bringing lots of joy to your lives. Enjoy it as they grow so fast.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Margo said...

Yummy! I love little baby feet. I wish I took a lot more pictures of my not so little babies' toes. Take off those shoes next time. Cute pictures!