Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I figured it out...

Today, Lyla had a GREAT time at Gymboree. Because of the winter weather conditions, there were only 3 kids in the class, usually there are about 10. So, it was kinda a really nice class though where the instructor was able to interact with all the 3 kids during circle time. But, I had an Ahh-haa moment today when it came to the parachute. Every time we get that parachute out Lyla becomes a little apprehensive. We go underneath the parachute and we sing songs. At this point, Lyla looks at me somewhat wearily, but does not cry. We then leave the little ones under the parachute and raise it up over their heads and then down to their heads. This is when Lyla gets upset, and today I figured out why. She wants to grab onto the parachute, and we keep pulling it away. I think at first she was scared of the parachute because she used to cry and reach for me, but now I think she just wants to hold onto it. So, I think we are making progress because she only whines when the parachute goes up but stops and reaches for it when it comes back down. Anyways, it was quite nice today at Gymboree. She got to interact with Lina and Preston - the two children that where there. They giggled and talked and touched each other. Very cute, and us moms got to talk as well which is nice. Lyla very much enjoys being around others. She loves watching children and being with them. She spent a lot of time today on her belly and didn't complain about it. Her instructor even praised her for how good she was on her belly, seeing that last week she hated it. Anyways, I am so glad that we are going to Gymboree. It has been a great thing for both of us, and it is definitely the highlight of the week for both of us.
Anyways, what else is new with us?!? We went and bought Lyla a new car seat last night, and we are looking forward to trying it out. She is so frustrated with her infant car seat. She cries when we put her in the car seat. She is getting too tall for it, and when we adjust the straps she gets mad because it pulls down on her shoulders. I am going to miss the ease of taking her into places without unstrapping her from the infant car seat, just putting her in the stroller and being on our way. We had to go to Target today for one last hurrah with the car seat/stroller combo. Here is Lyla in her new "Evenflo Symphony" car seat. It should last her forever - it can go up to 100 pounds and turns into a booster seat.

We finally got some "Baby-yo", yogurt for babies and she had some tonight, and she absolutely loved it! She almost ate the entire container, after eating her meal. She is a really good little eater.
Lyla has started to enjoy Cheerios. Although most of them end up on the floor. She really concentrates on eating them, which is pretty cute, as you can see from the following photo sequence..

"Hmmmm... what are these little round do-hickeys that mama just put on my tray??"Well, like anything new or interesting I guess I better put it in my mouth and see what this is all about.""Hey Mama! These are pretty good! Look at me with my teeth and Cheerios!""I'll take some more... only a couple of these 'Cheerios' left. . The others are either on the floor, on my lap, on my chest or in my belly! These things are a tonne of fun!"
She has continued to sleep well, which has been a blessing. I find that even though Lyla sleeps well, I am still waking up which sucks. I guess I am use to her old schedule both physically and psychologically. Here is my little babe after her afternoon nap today. She has shimmied herself down to the bottom of the crib, can you see the mischief in her eyes. When we went up to get her after her later nap, she had again gotten herself down to the bottom of the crib. When I said her name, she just giggled mischievously as she had her face covered with the blanket and she thought she was hiding and being funny. What a girl!
When we went out on Saturday to price shop for car seats I bought her a couple of things, one being a set of cups that she can play with in the tub. She loves these cups and will walk into the bathroom just to get one to take with her on her travels.. she makes me laugh.
Anyways, hope everyone is having a good day.

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pam said...

She really seems to like those blocks.

Very nice car seat!